I run because I am tired, I am tired because I run

I have been running for 2 years now.  I have heard somewhere in my past, after 6 months or so you become euphoric about working out and it feels so good.  It’s been two years; I still don’t feel it.  I do it because if I do not work out I would weigh 90 thousand pounds, but I never really get that feeling of joy after I work out.  I think the reason for this is lately I have been doing it fairly regularly and I am not feeling any different in my clothes.  I find myself yawning through yoga once a week and it’s supposed to be relaxing, but not THAT relaxing. I have ran five 5​K’s this year and I don’t feel much of a difference over all in what I wear, shouldn’t I?

IMG_4711 (1)

Am I deceiving myself about what I am actually eating or is my friend right and I have a thyroid problem that I should look into? I would love to have a medical reason why I can’t get rid of the spare tire around my waist, that would be wonderful, take a pill, lose the tire! But the more I am reading lately, it’s the dreaded “Menopause” causing me all this body image stress and I read that stress is going to make me fat too!  I just can’t win man!

So I keep doing my running, my walking, circuit training and yoga. Someday I hope to feel amazing!

I read an interesting blog from Maria Shriver about a hormone reset diet that Dr. Sara Gottfried has discovered, in short you have to correct the hormone misfires with your fork. You have to omit things from your diet every three days and there are 7 different days of things you have to not eat, every three days. 21 days total. See the pie chart I have provided. The article and book say you can lose 15 pounds in those 21 days, but I am not stupid, that will never happen, but it would be nice if it helped me in some small way. From what I have read you do not restrict the rest of the days, only every third day you don’t eat the one thing listed.  Below is a better definition of what taking these things out for a day should do;


1.Meatless, designed to reset your estrogen by excluding red meat and alcohol from your diet. (Note that this reset is essential for everyone, whether you’re a meat eater or not.) I did this day yesterday and it was not hard at all, I had drinks the night before, so I figured I would be okay not drinking on that  one day!

2.Sugar Free, intended to banish your cravings for sugar and reset your insulin. This day falls on a Saturday and my idea of no sugar is no cookies, candy, or once again alcohol.  But I am way off with that one, because sugar lurks everywhere, it will be a rough bland day of eating. 😦

3.Fruitless, targeted to reset your hunger hormone, leptin.  No fruit, yikes, this is what I eat at work when I am bored and need to snack, this might be hard also.

4.Caffeine Free, which will reset your relationship to stress and cortisol.  I can do this!

5.Grain Free, formulated to activate your thyroid hormone in a powerful new way and will reset insulin and leptin.  Could be a challenge, lets hope I don’t eat something not so good for me to make up for my lack of grain.

6.Dairy Free, designed to reset your growth hormone, which also improve insulin.  Piece of cake!

7.Toxin Free, which will redirect your testosterone level to normal, along with supporting the reset of estrogen, insulin, leptin and thyroid. Not so sure how to go “Toxin Free” so I will have to ask my healthy health oldest child, she will know for sure!

ALL OF THIS HAS TO BE DONE THREE DAYS EACH, NOT ONE DAY EVERY THREE DAYS! It pays to read the whole book before giving out information on this, I apologize if anyone reading this did what my friend and I did!  We were doing so good, now we know why!

​It is worth a try, because hearing all that I am about menopause I am working my ass off each day working out, eating fairly healthy and I am not seeing results and menopause might be one of the issues.  I am still exhausted; sign of menopause, hungry all the time; sign of menopause. I want and need to feel better about it all!  ​

I hope to be brave enough to weigh myself next week, but we shall see.  I hope you enjoyed my blog and you come back for more.

In the mean time, try and do what I try to do;  Be the best version of you.

Take care.





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