Is there a reset button?


NO!  But I have to since last week I shared my excitement over the “Hormone Reset” diet, (I gave you information on it). I should have read the book before I shared it with you.  The first mistake I made was thinking that you had to go without certain foods for one day every three days; that was totally wrong.  You have to go three days without the one food. That was my wishful thinking, I guess, to make this journey easier I was thinking and I convinced myself that was it; my friend who is trying this with me even said to me, “Are you sure it works the way you are saying?”.   Very unnerving to realize I had it so wrong.  I had been doing the diet my way since last Wednesday and it was not that bad, I thought I could totally be able to handle the twenty-one days. Then I got the book and started reading about what the diet was really about.  I went from being very excited about it, to making myself feel very down; I barely got through Saturday without sugar, how will I ever handle three whole days?  I went to sleep last night feeling down and defeated.  There is no way I can do this, I will just have to find some other way to do it. I woke up Thursday and I had a different attitude: I was not going to listen to the negative part of my brain about this, I know how dedicated I can be about things I do, I know I can wrap my brain around this program, I will torture my family, co workers and my friends, but by God, I will do it!

I will tell you the day after my Saturday of “no sugar” I felt that my belly was way down and when I got home that afternoon my youngest daughter told me I looked smaller, that comment made my day.    I mean if someone noticed a difference me in 1 day of no sugar, what will they see when I have been without it for 3. Plus the book promises these changes will help me learn to eat better and keep it off. I will know what my weaknesses are and I will avoid them.  I need to keep the weight off, I am tired of the my clothes not fitting, and not being happy with myself.  As I write this, I am on day two- I had to start from scratch, and I am waiting to feel better, and I have faith that I will.MADD

Work out update;  I am going to try something new with my running because I read that Cortisol caused by stress, can cause belly fat and that running may not be the answer for me if I want to lose weight.  The book I am reading advises to try something very scary called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Yikes!  I will still be running but very, very fast, well at least what is considered fast for me.  In making this change though there are things I won’t be too happy about.  This might work for me, but it also makes me wonder about my running I do with my friends and the 5K’s I run with my daughters and my friends.  If I do this HIIT, will I be able to run a 5K, I won’t be running a full mile all at once anymore. How will I train for them?  I enjoy the runs I have participated in, I like the people I run with, in fact I love  them, it makes me feel good that the money I spend on the runs goes to special causes.  Thinking about this makes me sad 😦 but deep down I am hoping that this training will make me stronger and I might be able to do even better in the races.  We shall see.

That is all I have this week, I will let you know how the week goes.  Friday starts no sugar for three days, lets hope me and the people I love make it through this time safely!!

Keep taking care of you.


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