No more teenagers….

This past week was mostly about my youngest child turning 20.  We had a weekend full of festivities.  Her siblings took her to dinner and the Rocky Horror Picture midnight showing at one of our older theaters in town, the next day they took her to get lunch and her very good friend took her to Macy’s to  buy her present.  We had a very nice dinner on Sunday night as we do with most birthdays throughout the year, the only person who was missing was my son, working, but his girlfriend was there so that was very nice.  I decorated the entire dinner in pink in honor of the pink box she wanted her cake given to her in, one of her dreams.  We had Chicken piccata, green bean casserole and something called “rib rolls” .  I know it all sounds odd, but each child of ours gets to pick their birthday dinner and some have very strange taste, wait until next month when my middle child has her dinner, no telling what she will request.Maggie's b day

I no longer have any children in their teens and I am starting to feel very old. 😦  I have been watching and reading different things during the week and I am starting to see things that I will never do again.  Like;  have a baby, wear a bikini, or  be nervous about taking my driving test,  things like that.  I have done all of that, my time is over, man I sound like I am dying or something!  I am only 52 and feeling this way, I can’t imagine how my mother must feel and she is 80!  I really hope when I am her age I will be a spry as she is.  She is always moving around, going places, there are times when she gets tired, but that is not because she is 80, it’s because her leg was injured in a horrible car accident a little over 20 years ago and it tires her if she tries to do to much.  I want to be that kind of an 80 year old.  I would also like to look like her 80, you would never guess that was her age, she is a very gracefully aging woman, I pray I have those genes!

I did better eating this week and I kept up with my work outs.  I walked on Monday morning, did HIIT twice, circuit 3 times and then yoga.  I did something every day since Sunday, because I am traveling today, I doubt I will get anything in, but who knows!   I worked really hard on Thursday when I was doing my HIIT, I ran really hard and my hard work paid off, I got my percentage up from 39 to 42, very exciting news for me, I am sure not for you guys, but I was very proud of myself for stepping it up.  I stepped it up all week, just like I said I would and I am going to try and keep on track while I am on my vacation this coming week.  I can hardly wait!


I leave for my trip today right after work.  My family always accuses me of not listening and I know I am guilty of that, but they really don’t listen or should I say, hear me.  No one and I mean NO one could wrap their pretty little heads around this trip I am taking, no one knew when, no one know where for the most part and they have no clue when I will be getting home, my boss really didn’t even know I was taking this next week off!   I wonder if they will even notice I am gone?  A few people have asked me if I was running away, I guess when a person who has a family, they leave at home while they go on a vacation, one might wonder if they are in fact running away.  I don’t feel like I am, but I find it funny that a few people have even suggested it.  The simple fact is: I  just had some time off, and no one could work it into their schedule to come with me, so I went!   I can not tell you what a wonderful feeling it was this morning to take my phone and program all of my morning alarms NOT to go off for the next week, such a sense of freedom I got from this simple act.  I am going to be pretty much on my own time, I will be coming and going when and where I want to for a full week!  Of course I will be dragging my little sister with me for most of the things, but I am a big girl, if she really can’t go, I will go myself, I can handle it.  I have not run away, I am coming home, I just need to be in a different place for a while, somewhere other then Florida.

bchI got a message from my photography teacher from High School on Facebook, it was not a private message it was on my wall so EVERYONE who is my friend can read it.   He has convinced the new principal at our school to let him build a gallery and he would like to show current and past students work.  He wanted to show students who have gone on to make a living with the art they embraced way back in high school.  I felt so honored to be asked!  Then it hit me, my goodness, I went out in the world and made a living doing what I learned to love in high school!  How many people do that?  I went to college for it, didn’t graduate, but I am doing it for a living to this day, I am kind of a success story in that school.  I am not famous or anything like that, but I am making a living doing something I love.  I am going to be on the wall of that school forever, made me feel very  young again getting that message.

So this week I started out feeling a bit old when my baby turned 20.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.  What started out as something I did not think I was ready for has turned into a wonderfully stylish, hula hooping, wild child who has been  such a blessing to everyone around her.

Then fast forward to the  end of my week where I was feeling like a teenager again thanks to a small recognition  from a HS teacher who appreciates my work.  I really felt like I was in high school all over again being asked to participate in the gallery. Barron Collier Hall of Fame, literally, in the hall, but hey, I was asked, that is pretty darn cool!

I don’t have anything tasty for you to try this week, I didn’t get to any new recipes, but I will look for something new while I am away.
Take care of you!


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