I took some time….

I said I was going to take a summer trip this year, just like when I was a little kid and I did it.  I drove almost 2000 miles from my home all the way up to Nashville TN.  Part of those miles I shared with my younger sister, but most of them I drove alone.  And oh the solitude of driving long stretches of time alone.  I didn’t have to speak, I didn’t have to stop, I could do whatever I wanted to do, I was in heaven I tell you, total heaven on earth for me.  I did the drive in phases;  I drove from south Florida to Belleair Beach, right outside of Tampa on Friday, I stayed with my parents until Sunday.  I drove to McDonough GA on Sunday to my sister’s house and then on to Nashville on Monday.  From time to time I have a need to be somewhere surrounded by mountains, this was one of those times and boy did I see mountains.  I don’t much care for driving in them, but I do enjoy looking at them.  If you kept your windows closed and the air cranked up, you could almost pretend that it was fall and crispy outside.

I started my trip with good eating and working ouOpry 2t intentions.  I did a circuit training on Saturday, once I got to GA on Sunday I did my HIIT, and there were hills, lots of hills, so it was very hard.  I did a circuit training once we got home to GA on Wednesday and then I did another HIIT.  So not horrible, but for me, not good.   I should have known when I had chicken wings for dinner on Saturday night that my eating was only going to go downhill from there.  I was good at Sunday dinner, steak, potatoes and corn on the cob, then once we set off for Nashville all bets were off and I even got an upset stomach from my dinner Monday night because of all the fried things I ate, I know I should feel ashamed, and I do; but when in Rome right?

I had the most amazing week ever!    I did all the things I said I would do on this trip.  I had many things I wanted to do and I was not sure if I was going to be doing them alone or with my sister but I was determined to do them either way.  Turned out she got three days off of work and we were able to go to Nashville for the three days, I was in heaven.  As the song goes, “I have found me a home”  I say that as a tourist, not sure if I could live there full time or not, but I liked being somewhere other than flat Florida and I loved the fact that it was Nashville.  I tried going there 11 years ago and never made it, I am so happy I made it this time.  I love the show Nashville, and I happen to stay in a B&B that was a street away from the house they use in the show of my favorite character!  So this is a trashy typical tourist photo of me standing in front of Deacon’s house.  I am gushing…can you see it?Deacon

I feel that I was gushing the entire time I was in this fine city. Nashville for me is the East Coast Hollywood.  As you drive around the beautiful city you have no idea who might be in the car next to you, it’s very exciting.  We toured, and toured and toured.  If you thought I was gushing at the house from one of my favorite TV shows, you should have seen me at the Grand Ole Opry.  As we walked through the backstage tour, I touched everything.  No telling who had been there before me and touched the very same chair or sat on the couch, Loretta Lynn, Merle, Johnny and June, they had all been there and I was standing in the same place, it was just very surreal to me.  I thank my sister for letting me drag her around for 3 days, I took her out of her comfort zone, completely, she had to share a house with someone for goodness sake.  She kept up with me very well, even hiked up a mountain a half a mile and back down again.  That was hard for her and I appreciate her doing it with me.

Once we got back from GA I did the one thing that I find to be very relaxing and calming to me.  I put on my cowboy boots, which I didn’t wear once in Nashville, and I went out to mail my sister’s lawn.  She has a riding lawn mower and I do not know how to describe the feeling I get after I mow that huge lawn.  As a mother of 4, I spent many years feeling I could never finish anything, the laundry always needed to be done, the house cleaned up, part of the kitchen still needed to be taken care of.  When I go to my sister’s house and she lets me take care of the lawn it’s something I can see a beginning and an end to, something I can complete.  This brings me peace.  Mowing the lawn was a perfect end to a perfect week.


Things I learned about me this week;  I am not young as I used to be, so sightseeing all day long is tiring now, and my stomach is very sensitive now when I eat fried foods, maybe a good thing;

No matter how old I get, I will always be excited to see a firefly because fireflies bring me back to when I was a little girl, I don’t feel I see them as often now living in Florida so I really appreciate seeing them whenever I get a chance.

As ready as I was to leave my entire life behind to have a vacation on my own, I missed my family, friends and my day to day life.  I am going to be happy to be home again.

To tired to post a recipe, sorry I know that is two weeks in a row, I promise to post something next week.
Take care of you.


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